VIP Linda McCartney

Linda McCartney (September 24, 1941 - April 17, 1998)

The classy lady who married perhaps the world's most eligible bachelor (Paul McCartney) was a well-known rock photographer when they met. Linda Eastman photographed the Rolling Stones during their visit to New York and also captured images of Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, the Doors, the Grateful Dead, and the Mamas and the Papas. Her work appeared in Rolling Stone, Life, and other leading magazines. She later reminisced about smoking pot in Central Park on her way to her studio. "Lovely times," she said.

Perhaps taking the rap for Paul, Linda was arrested in Los Angeles in 1975 for marijuana possesion, but the charges were dropped. Reportedly she and Paul never spent a night away from each other after their marriage, except for his ten-day stint in a Tokyo jail for possession of marijuana in 1980.

In 1984, the McCartneys were arrested in Barbados for possession of marijuana and were fined $100 each. They flew to Heathrow Airport, London, where Linda was arrested again on charges of possession. Rather than repudiate her marijuana use as so many do, Linda commented, "I think hard drugs are disgusting. But I must say, I think marijuana is pretty lightweight."

A vegetarian, McCartney wrote several cookbooks and developed a successful line of frozen meat-free meals. She was an active member of PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, was also active in environmental causes, and raised four children. The world mourned when she died of breast cancer in 1998.

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