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History & Politics

This list includes political commentators and elected officials, some of them hypocrites and others brave souls willing to wade into unchartered political waters. Now with our third sitting president in a row who's puffed, isn't it time the US, which was founded by hemp farmers, learned to live with the weed?

Glenn Beck

Gertrude Bell

Pierre Berton

Michael Bloomberg

Bill Bradley

David Brooks

William F. Buckley

Bush Family

Jack Carter

Fidel Castro

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Norm Coleman

Sam Donaldson

Ford Family

Stephen Gaskin

Julia Gillard

Newt Gingrich

Al Gore

John Hay

Kamala Harris

Jack Herer

Jim Hightower

Eric Holder

Molly Ivins

Caroline Kennedy





John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

John Kerry

Rush Limbaugh

Ruth Marcus

Teresa McGovern

Susan Molinari

Peggy Noonan

Barack Obama

Sarah Palin

David Patterson


Prince Harry

Nancy Reagan

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Donna Shalala

John Sinclair

Jacqui Smith

Andrew Sullivan

Matt Taibbi

Margaret Trudeau

Queen Victoria

Pancho Villa

George Washington

Will Wilkinson

Malcolm X


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