Rush Limbaugh (b. January 12, 1951)

Though he received 2,000 pain pills prescribed by four doctors in six months' time, and he's on record saying drug users should be "convicted and sent up," Rush Limbaugh was booked in and out of jail on April 27, 2006 faster than you can say, "maggothead." A few days earlier, Limbaugh had tried to be the sole commentator who picked up on the story that the U.S. ruled marijuana nonmedical, or so said the FDA at the urging of "Mean Mark" Souder (R-IN). "This ought to be a setback to the maggot-infested dopers," he blustered.

The cover of the National Examiner screamed on 4/26/94: "Rush Limbaugh's Wild Double Life Exposed! He dodged draft - He smoked pot - He's henpecked" (as though being a henpecked draft dodger is a wild life). Limbaugh told Playboy in 1993 he smoked marijuana only twice in his life and it made him nauseous. Disc jockey Randy Raley remembered seeing Rush pot-smoking up a storm at a Sacramento party in 1978. "If that was sick, give me some of that," Raley said.

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