Caroline and John Kennedy

A 2009 New Yorker piece on Caroline Kennedy says that she took the rap for her cousin's pot patch in Hyannis Port. According to the NY Daily News report on the book American Legacy : The story of John & Caroline Kennedy by C. David Heymann (New York : Atria Books, 2007), "Although David Kennedy had harvested the plants, Caroline, attempting to protect her cousin, took the blame."

"It's strange," a family pal, the late George Plimpton, reportedly told Heymann. "Jackie didn't like it when John [Jr.] drank or did drugs, but she didn't seem to care if Caroline got smashed on beer or stoned on grass. It was only when Caroline gained a pound or two that Jackie reacted."

The 2003 book Sweet Caroline : Last Child of Camelot by Christopher Anderson (who also wrote a book about John) reports that Caroline grew the Hyannis Port pot among the cabbages there, and that she and John tasted their homegrown together. The book reveals that as a teen Caroline smoked cigarettes and "Like her brother, Caroline smoked marijuana on occasion. Unlike him, she never got caught....John, who somehow never picked up Jackie's nicotine habit, smoked pot in the bathroom at 1040 Fifth, as well as in the building's stairwell and on the roof--taking care always to bring along a can of Lysol to mask the odor."

"After John enrolled at Phillips Academy in Andover in 1976, he made no effort to deny that he smoked pot when campus security caught him in the act," Andersen wrote. "Secret Service agents, who were still guarding him at the time, made no effort to stop him. Nor did they inform Jackie, determing that, in the words of one agent, experimenting with marijuana was 'a rite of passage.' It was more than that however; though he would go on to only experiment with cocaine, John would continue to smoke pot on a more or less regular basis for the remainder of his life."

John's friend and Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow told Anderson that John had a "Bohemian streak" that included the occasional joint. "John was certainly not a pothead," Barlow said, "but he wanted to lead the life he wanted to lead. That was one of the reasons he held off on starting a political career."

Anderson also wrote about JFK and Jackie's dependence on amphetamines (mostly Dexadrine mixed with steroids) supplied by "Dr. Feelgood," Max Jacobson. Jackie reportedly had an injection on the day of her husband's funeral.

Actress Christina Haag, a former girlfriend of Kennedy, writes in 2001 memoir Come to the Edge that while on vacation, the two were offered an "enormous spliff" by some islanders and found “Jamaican hospitality” was “impossible to refuse.”

Just before the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, Caroline flew to Japan to take up her post as Ambassador to that county. Earlier that year, she served on a jury that acquitted a man for seling crack to an undercover police officer. And pot smoker Adam Levine was named People Magazine's sexiest man of 2013, an honor pot-loving John won in 1988.

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