Pierce Brosnan

In 2003, The Star published photos of Irish-born dreamboat Pierce Brosnan that were secretly taken by a fellow customer at the Dementia head shop in Malibu, California. Brosnan, then 50, chose a $1000 glass bong after he reportedly, "spent ages talking to the guy behind the counter. He went from the smallest pipes to the really expensive ones. He didn't seem bothered to be seen in there." Brosnan got rave reviews for his 2005 film Mexicali in which he plays an over-the-hill hitman gone bad, and the only thing that should be illegal about him is how extremely good looking he is. He was the third actor to play James Bond in more than two films (along with Roger Moore and Sean Connery) and was voted "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine in 2001.


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