VIP Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton (b. October 26, 1947)

On a 2011 Real Time with Bill Maher episode VIP Merle Haggard said Hillary Clinton came onto VIP Willie Nelson's tour bus. The beloved singer and Kennedy Center awardee then added, "And I think she inhaled."

According to Edward Klein's vicious book The Truth About Hillary, our former first lady, New York state senator and Secretary of State smoked pot while a student at Wellesley college, with her boyfriend David Rupert. She and Rupert also "marched against the Vietnam War and talked endlessly about changing society," Klein wrote, citing as his source Gail Sheehy's book Hillary's Choice. Sheehy recounts an interview with Rupert where he described joining a march on Washington with Hillary: "'Some of us were inhaling,' he says with a you-know-what-I-mean smirk. The obvious question is, did Hillary inhale too? 'I don't have to go there,' says Rupert, 'but you can read between the lines.'"

According to Klein, Hillary met Bill Clinton at a commune called Cozy Beach, where her Yale Journal of Law and Social Action co-editor Kris Wilson and Bill's friend Jeff Rodgers (the son of William Rogers, President Nixon's secretary of state) lived. Cozy Beach was affiliated with Ken Kesey's Oregon Hog Farm and the Magic Bus riders were said to be regular visitors. "During their remaining time at Yale, Bill and Hillary often grooved the night away at Cozy Beach, spinning the latest Jefferson Airplane platters and eating Kris Olson's hashish brownies." (Source: Horn, Rebels in White Gloves) The Spring 1970 debut issue of the Yale Journal included an article that proposed the migration of like-minded leftists to one of the fifty states for "the purpose of gaining political control.... Experimentation with drugs, sex, individual lifestyles or radical rhetoric and action within the larger society is an insufficient alternative. Total experimentation is necessary."

Klein couldn't fault Hillary on her intelligence or dedication; in fact he says she worked 12-14 hour days in the Senate and has been praised even by Bill's enemies for her firm grasp on the issues. By all acounts a brilliant legal scholar, Rodham worked at the DOJ during Nixon's impeachment and kept Reagan from gutting funding for the legal aid offices she'd worked to set up nationwide. But she's been unimaginative on the drug issue, following the pitiful party line of the dolorous Dems. During President Bill Clinton's last week in office, he told Rolling Stone magazine he thought marijuana ought to be legalized. But in a Senate debate in Manhatton on Oct. 8, 2000, Hillary took the middle road, advocating drug courts and weekly drug testing for those with an "addiction." Johnson and Johnson, who funds the Partnership for a (non-Prescription) Drug-Free America, is one of her corporate clients and she and Bill have divested themselves of their blind trust which earned them $5-25 million since he left office by investing in pharmaceutical companies (GlaxoSmithKline, Prizer, Abbott Laboratories and Eli Lilly) as well as Dow Chemical, DuPont and Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil.

UPDATE: In June 2014, Clinton told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that she never smoked pot. But in July, Daniel Halper released his book Clinton, Inc., quoting an unnamed friend and law-school classmate of Clinton who says: "If she hasn`t acknowledged it everybody else will tell you: She was an enthusiastic pot user."

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