I'll Cross the Line

Lyrics by June Barter Stash, 2007

to the tune of Johnny Cash's "I'll Walk the Line"

Bush has a different Monica this time
Who said she had committed several crimes
Ms. Goodling took the fifth, then testified
Said, "There were times, I crossed the line."

John Yoo wrote memos from the DOJ
Said wiretapping and waterboarding were OK
With ties to Cheney's lawyer he did say
"It will be fine, let's cross the line."

While Ashcroft lay in his hospital bed
Card and Gonzalez came to visit him and said
"Sign this reauthorization for our spies"
But John refused, to cross that line.

And now seven attorneys have been fired
And Gonzalez's testimony made me tired
He said "I don't recall" numerous times
Because he's slime, he used that line.

We used to have some balance to our power
Now our Democracy has ceased to flower
Repeal the Patriot Act that brought this bind
Because it's time, to cross that line.

Copyright 2007

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